Tuesday, September 27, 2011


***ALERT! Awkward and uncomfortable faces shown in the following photos***  

Denim shirt, faux fur vest, & pants: Forever21; Bag: Balenciaga; Shoes: Aldo

Whenever I'm attempting to accomplish something, whether it be writing a blog post, getting dressed, taking a test, even grocery shopping, I do this weird pouty thing with my mouth. Not a huge deal, I guess, except that I never realize I'm doing it unless it's captured on camera.  As you can see from the above pictures, I had more than outfit photos on my mind.

The difference between these pics and previous ones is that these photos were not shot by a human directly, rather with a remote and tripod (I realized that making my roommate take a picture of me every time I put on an outfit was getting irritating).  Not having read any directions for how to use these contraptions, I took them right outside my apartment to quickly shoot some pictures of the outfit I wore and then rushed out the door.  Probably should have looked at the photos before I left because this is what came of them: I was concentrating so hard on making sure that the remote worked (see my left hand) that I completely forgot I was supposed to be posing and definitely forgot that my freeeaking face would also be in the photos. Hence me standing there doing nothing and looking like a deer in the headlights sucking on a lemon drop.

Regardless of my appearance, you get to see what my new shoesies look like on! So comfortable and work with pretty much everything. I've worn them for three days straight and am loving the fact that they don't even need to be broken in, they're just naturally comfy!

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