Thursday, September 22, 2011

See: Chic Chi

don't ask me why we went to the Tilted Kilt ...

exposure mistakes are my faaaaaavorite 

obviously had to hit up Sprinkles for the first time

wish I had a dog to give these too =(

don't hate me for this comment: good but not great. I'm a tried and true Cupcake Charlies girl. Sorry I'm not sorry. 

Helloooo my dears! I seriously, _seriously_ appreciate all your loving and supportive comments and votes for my outfits. I'm loving the blogging process and so excited for it to get big, but I obviously need you lovelys to help!

These photos were taken while I was in Chicago for Lollapalooza this summer. I went a few days early to hang out in the city and catch up with some school friends I hadn't seen all summer.  It's one of my fave cities and I could not get enough of the amazing architecture and SHOPPING! There's such limited shopping in Kansas so I usually resort to online stores, but I'm obsessed with H&M and they stillll don't have a webshop and won't ship stuff to me from the store! Grrrrr. So I pretty much spent all my free time in retail therapy when I wasn't at the concerts.

 This post is a picture overload, but I'm hooorrible at cutting stuff out so deal with it.

this babe was hangin at Perry's alllll weekened. 

say cheese!

chiiii city!

Beats Antique was a blast and a half.

living life with Lyds at Pretty Lights. lookin' like we sweated in 100 degrees for 8 hours...oh wait...

storm rollin in

first of the two rainbows (only one i could catch on camera)

the aftermath

jgulman's gallery

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