Friday, September 23, 2011

See: drive thru hopping

Sunglasses: no clue; Sweater: Ecote; Dress: Forever21; Shoes: JC Litas; Necklace: Forever21; Bracelets: mom

Last night my friends were promoting Sailor Jerry's at a new bar in town and this is what I wore. Had wayyy too much free alcohol and ended up at "Country Night" at the biggest freshman bar on campus. See pictures below:

Trekking through bales of hay in Litas was interesting to say the hard as it was to walk it was hilarious to see the looks on all the youngins faces as they compared their "slutty cowgirl" outfits to my more fashion forward ensemble.  I definitely stood out, and in my opinion in a good way.

Bar hopping last night then turned into drive thru hopping this morning.  yarf.

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  1. We like how you gave a twist to your maxi skirt. The knot gave it an awesome look. Stunning indeed!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!