Sunday, September 25, 2011

Touch: you can never had too many dogs

Nina next to the river

SOO excited for this

pooch overload has begun

i swear i had never seen dogs as large as the ones i saw this day

cool art

so many jewelry stands

i love these shots of clouds

can you guess which one is mine? lipstick and less in the glass because I, naturally, spilled half of it right after I got it..

wine and michael. she's in heaven

is that not the cutest little nugget you've ever seen in a grandpa hat ever?
this guy was posing for me 

had to go to Cupcakes A La Mode for some tasty red velvety goodnedd


blue eyes. 
looks like he had a few too many drinks

i saw this pup and was like "no, no no, no no no, that's not real. that's too cute"
Some photos I took from the Kansas City Plaza Art Festival. Such a blast.

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