Thursday, September 29, 2011

See: sweat

Blouse: Forever21; Pants: H&M; Jewelry: random; Shoes: Old Navy

This is what I wore on an unusually hot day to my interview with the Madewell people to be a student ambassador for the Kansas campus.  Key word: HOT
Halfway through the interview with two of the nicest and most approachable ladies I looked down only to see that I had sweated through my new top. This was the first time I wore this blouse as it had come in the mail just the day before, but I should have known: chiffon + blistering hot basement = big BIG sweat spots. It would have been 10x more embarrassing if these girls weren't so understanding and didn't laugh along with me. 

I'm going home tomorrow and I caaan't wait! Hopefully I'll have time to take pics and blog, but I'll put a few on blast just so you fools have something to read.

Have an awesome weekend lovers.....yes, I know it's only Thursday...what's your point?

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