Monday, September 19, 2011

See: some things i like

FashionChalet's birthday cake....can I have a slice?

howwwww bad do you wanna snug up in that blanket?

that bunny looks nothing like the rodent-esque wild ones around here cute

i have a friend who is terrified of balloons...i'm sure she's anxious just looking at this

never've owned a pair of docs, but i'm feigning for those lavender ones 

tried this impatiently and f'ed it up. patience is a virtue. (check out my post tomorrow so see a similar version with metallics)

reminded me of a classier version of Pheobe's bike from FRIENDS

so perfect with the Eiffel Tower in the back. perfection?

how easy is it to find an old metal watering can? SO easy. doing this up.

this girl as the complete opposite features of me. the grass is always greener.

oh Glamourai how I envy you.

my engaged friend pinned this for her bridal party
Images via FashionChalet, Glamourai, and Pintrest

Do you see a pattern?

I'm loving pastels, lush textures, and diiiiivas.

Is that little nugget in the sunglasses not the cutest thing ever. I have an obsession with little girls with crazy curly hair and painted nails and toes.  When I was little I would only wear "twirly dresses" (which, apparently, is a real thing now) and always had my nails painted.  Maybe one of these days I'll show you photos of me when I was younger.  I went through every phase in the book but the tomboy one. 

I'm a Pintrest freak so expect more of these kinds of posts... 

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