Friday, September 16, 2011

See: mum

Sweater: Urban Outfitters sidewalk sale ($5--SCORE!); Skirt: Vintage (moms); belt:so old I almost sold it; bag: Balenciaga; boots: Dolce Vita; Jewelry: all made by my vaaandaful mum

Thanks to my roommate/photographer for 20 mins for taking these photos! Pretty impressive huh? Good job Narnia. 

Wellll apparently we’re skipping my favorite season here in Kansas and going to straight to my least favorite…FML

It was 90 freeeaking degrees out 2 days ago and now it’s in the 50s! What gives Mother Nature??
However, new weather brings new clothes, and new clothes make Jes a happy girl. This post is pretty much going to be dedicated to my mother, because about 80% of what I’m wearing she either wore or made for me!  She used to be in the jewelry making business and now she just does it for fun, but we always say that she should start it up again because she makes the most amazing jewelry. 
I found this skirt while raiding her old Levi’s to turn into shorts (which I’m thinking about selling on Esty…would any of you buy some rad retro cutoffs that are all the rage nowadays???) and decided it would be perfect for “Fall”. It has pretty much everything I love in a skirt: pleats? check. awesome print? check. perfect length? check. CHIFFON? check. Need. I. Say. More?

This outfit pretty much came together at the last minute. What you don’t see is the leggings and crochet socks I’m wearing underneath which was what I actually wore out yesterday, but when I was making a pile of clothes to take to the dry cleaners I instinctively threw this skirt on and added the belt and VOILA! New outfit for a new season. You get to see the original outfit tomorrow but I couldn’t not put this one up as my first outfit of the season. 

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