Monday, September 19, 2011

See: $70 Litas?!

Whoopsidaisy I forgot to take the price sticker off my shoe! 

Hat: H&M; Top: Millau; Skirt: Millau; Socks: Urban Outfitters; Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Litas; Bag: Balenciaga; Lips: Revlon Va-Va-Violet

So wanna hear how amazingly awesome and super cheap these shoes were? All you fashion junkies are all like, uh yeah Litas are cool, duh...but those babies put ya back a pretty penny. Welpppp not for me!

LF has a huuuge sale every season and everything, everything is 60% off.  So obviously I had to pop into both of the Boston area stores to get some goodies. This whole ensemble (minus shoes and accessories) is from that sale. Apparently this sale is still going on so if you're near any of the locations in LA, Soho, Miami, or Boston you should def check it out.

The store is pretty rad and they specialize in all the hottest trends for the current season. When I went in there were cutoff shorts, crop tops,  JC shoes, and Sam Edelman's GALORE. I got lucky--which is new for me--and found the last pair of black Lita's in the store.  A size too big, but how in the world could I pass up $70 Litas? I put some Aldo terry cloth sole inserts in these babies, and because I rarely wear them without socks they're actually puurrrrrfect. Going a size up is so much easier to work with than a size down.

As you can see, because I'm not even slightly skilled at Photoshop I was unable to edit out the little label that came on the bottom of my shoes.  I don't have a Photoshop program on my computer, so I have to go to one of the computer labs on campus and use their software every time I want to edit photos.  Little did I know, they're not open on the weekends so I couldn't do an edited over the weekend.  Moral of this story? I need some edited software.
If any of you know an editing program on the less expensive side (or a free one that won't screw up my MacBook) pleeeeease give me some suggestions!!!! I will love you babies forever and ever and ever and everrrr!
Oh, and since I don't know how to use any of this shiz, suggestions for some tutorials would be muuucho appreciated as well.
Lemme know peeps!

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