Monday, October 3, 2011

See: Lace and Leather

Top: Urban Outfitters; Leather shorts: Forever21; Lace tights: UO; Hat: Akira; Purse: Forever21; Shoes: JC Litas

WOAHH picture overload. Sorry bout it but I couldn't choose and I don't have a ton of time to edit because I'm working tonight so that's that!

The first thing I said when I put these tights on is "I'm gonna be so sad when these rip tonight =("
I don't know about you, but I have horrible horrible luck when it comes to delicate laces. All my adorable lace undergarments and stockings always rip way before they should, especially when I go out to the bars.

Apparently the stars were aligned (or planets were in order?) because I didn't rip these ones! I'm so happy because they have the most amazing enormous flower design. Most lace tights I get have a more traditional pattern and girly feel. These are more modern looking and have so much negative space.

Hopefully you all were as busy as I was this weekend and didn't realize my baby hiatus. I'll post some pictures from the Bat Mitzvah because I was having too much fun to take outfit photos but I reeeeally wanna show you the amazing dress I found last minute to wear. It literally looks like someone made a dress out of a pile of leaves.

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