Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dip to Chi

My boyfriend and I decided to make a quick weekend road trip out of our uneventful Fall Break.  Drove down on Friday morning and are headed back Tuesday. It's been nice to just relax and not have anything to wake up for.

Haven't really been dressing up and taking pictures cuz I've been with pretty much only boys for the last three days but there will be more to come when I return to Kansas! I have way too many ideas in my head right now and a long list of outfit possibilities in my berry.

To all my fellow jew babies out there, Happy New Year! I hope you were better than me and waited out your fasting yesterday.

I'm somehow fascinated by these huge plains with windmills for miles. 

Probably not liking the photo taking going on...

Best dog ever. 

Some cool fungus on a dying tree.
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