Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Stella McCartney silk tank top, £655
Cape jacket, $2,190
Vanessa Bruno Athé black pants, $520
Alexander Wang leather lace up boots, $270
Nicholas Kirkwood platform heels, $795
Alexander McQueen studded clutch, £1,245
Fendi handbag, €2.589
Linea Pelle hardware jewelry, $65
Michael Kors chronograph watch, $250
Ring, $20
Kenneth jay lane jewelry, $275

I'm a pretty indecisive person, so when I see an inspirational article of clothing, wide arrays of possibilities come to mind.  So, naturally, I'm gonna give you a few options for how to wear this awesome cape.  Color blocking is not going away anytime soon, and even though we can still wear bright colors in the fall, I love the idea of mixing up dark jewel tones--especially burgundy and sapphire.

The one warning I will give you now is that everything in this compilation is way over my price range besides maybe the bracelet and ring. But that doesn't mean you can't find awesome options with more affordable prices! See below. 

About the outfit: There's a few ways you can go with this cape, but I decided that I just wanted to give it a twist with a change of accessories.  If you want to glam it up a little, go with the pumps and clutch. If you're planning on wearing this to a more casual event or just around town, I'd say go with the burgundy booties and slouchy, oversized bag.  In terms of fanciness, I can't see this baby going into diamond territory because there's only so much glitz a wool overcoat can take, so the gold jewelry can stay for both looks.

The leather skinny pants bring out the leather edging on the cape.  Also, since the cape overwhelms the top half of your body, there's really no need to display a top. However, if you were to step off a sidewalk and a bus barrels by you leaving a gust of wind to do what it may to you and your apparel, you'd want passersby to see a hint of something sparkly, wouldn't you? I would. And let me tell you, this happens far more than you think.

Less expensive versions:
Cape: herehere
Top: herehere
Pants: herehere
Shoes: herehere
Watch: here
Bags: hereherehere

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