Saturday, October 15, 2011

See: Warm Elbows

Dress: H&M; Bag: Urban; Boots: Target; Jewelry: random

This sveater drrress is perfection. So comfy, awesome length, elbow patches. I love having my elbow extra protected a la leather or suede because I feel like I'm wearing my grandfathers sweaters. They're also prime on tweed blazers.

To leave you with something to giggle burst out in laugher bring you tears of joy, here is Sophia Grace Brownlee, who of course is officially the sassiest and most adorable nugget tike ever.
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Friday, October 14, 2011

See: Cozy

Sweater: Urban; Shorts: DIY vintage Levi's; Tights: Spanx; Shoes: H&M; Purse: random

So happy that it's finally Friday. I've been away from school for the past two weekends and missed Homecoming. Sad. So this weekend I will make the most of being back in this fabulous college town with all my best friends.

You've seen this sweater before in this post, but now it's actually cool enough that I'm not shvitzing and it's actually keeping me warm.

xoxo bunnies, have a fab weekend

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See: New Goodies!

Pants: Flying Monkey; Skirt: Kieu's; Sweater Dress: H&M; Ankle Boots: H&M

Some new things I bought last/this weekend. Officially obsessed with the boots, I've been wearing them with everything. There shall be a sweater dress outfit up tomorrow-ish, and I plan on game-daying the either the skirt or jeans out to rep my crimson and blue Jayhawks tomorrow!  

Hope all you bunnies have a splendid weekend and get lots of rest crazyyyy. 

Lurveee you. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

See: Warm

Blazer: Urban Outfitters; Top: random; Scarf: H&M; Pants: H&M; Booties: H&M; Bag: random

why does my left leg look so awkward?

Wore this outfit to class, a meeting, and then work. It was a loooong day, but my new booties were extremely comfortable from 8am-9pm.

Right now I'm running out the door to get to my afternoon class today so this will be a short post!

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See: Cape


Stella McCartney silk tank top, £655
Cape jacket, $2,190
Vanessa Bruno Athé black pants, $520
Alexander Wang leather lace up boots, $270
Nicholas Kirkwood platform heels, $795
Alexander McQueen studded clutch, £1,245
Fendi handbag, €2.589
Linea Pelle hardware jewelry, $65
Michael Kors chronograph watch, $250
Ring, $20
Kenneth jay lane jewelry, $275

I'm a pretty indecisive person, so when I see an inspirational article of clothing, wide arrays of possibilities come to mind.  So, naturally, I'm gonna give you a few options for how to wear this awesome cape.  Color blocking is not going away anytime soon, and even though we can still wear bright colors in the fall, I love the idea of mixing up dark jewel tones--especially burgundy and sapphire.

The one warning I will give you now is that everything in this compilation is way over my price range besides maybe the bracelet and ring. But that doesn't mean you can't find awesome options with more affordable prices! See below. 

About the outfit: There's a few ways you can go with this cape, but I decided that I just wanted to give it a twist with a change of accessories.  If you want to glam it up a little, go with the pumps and clutch. If you're planning on wearing this to a more casual event or just around town, I'd say go with the burgundy booties and slouchy, oversized bag.  In terms of fanciness, I can't see this baby going into diamond territory because there's only so much glitz a wool overcoat can take, so the gold jewelry can stay for both looks.

The leather skinny pants bring out the leather edging on the cape.  Also, since the cape overwhelms the top half of your body, there's really no need to display a top. However, if you were to step off a sidewalk and a bus barrels by you leaving a gust of wind to do what it may to you and your apparel, you'd want passersby to see a hint of something sparkly, wouldn't you? I would. And let me tell you, this happens far more than you think.

Less expensive versions:
Cape: herehere
Top: herehere
Pants: herehere
Shoes: herehere
Watch: here
Bags: hereherehere

See: Brights

What I love about Magdalena Frackowiak is her blatant sex appeal. She is no man repeller and doesn't try to be one. Instead of striking an avant garde pose a la Karlie Kloss (whom I also love).  I have another set of photos of her I'm dying over. 'S' shapes all ova the plaaaace. 

Fashion wise, neon, neon, NEON. All the way, people. I love brights, especially the eye searing pinks and yellows, but it's awesome to see inspiration for how to bring the trend into fall. Bright orange is the perfect transition into fall. 

See more of this Vogue Paris editorial here!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Matte makeup and lush materials are to die for in this Vogue Italia editorial perfectly named "Chic-Gothic-Glam". Shot by Craig McDean, the shadows perfectly highlight Arizona Muse and Ruby Aldridges porcelain skin, smokey eyes, and full full full eyebrows.

I was recently informed that I don't have the right eyebrow shape to follow this trend and I am slightly crushed. As much as I love trying new things with my makeup and clothing, I'll never wear something that's obviously unflattering.  The natural thin arch of my brows can't handle such a change without looking unkempt and pencil makes them look too cartoony. Oh well, there will be more things to try. Like this or this.

More photos here.

Mad Plaid

Quick outfit post I wore at the beginning of the summer. This plaid button down is probably the softest and most comfortable shirt I own, and the best part is that it's a mens shirt. I was randomly walking by American Eagle one day a year or two ago and couldn't resist the crazy huge array of flannels they were offering. I've never shopped a whole lot at AE besides the occasional basic tee or jeans, but I have noticed that hey consistently pull through in the plaid shirt department, at least for men. Got it in a small and it fit so much better than the pin tucked women's version.

Dip to Chi

My boyfriend and I decided to make a quick weekend road trip out of our uneventful Fall Break.  Drove down on Friday morning and are headed back Tuesday. It's been nice to just relax and not have anything to wake up for.

Haven't really been dressing up and taking pictures cuz I've been with pretty much only boys for the last three days but there will be more to come when I return to Kansas! I have way too many ideas in my head right now and a long list of outfit possibilities in my berry.

To all my fellow jew babies out there, Happy New Year! I hope you were better than me and waited out your fasting yesterday.

I'm somehow fascinated by these huge plains with windmills for miles. 

Probably not liking the photo taking going on...

Best dog ever. 

Some cool fungus on a dying tree.
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

See: pretty pleats

Not a whoooole lot to say about this outfit. It's a good transition outfit while the summer weather is coming to an end an I get to pull out all my favorite sweaters again! Good, good stuff.  You all know pleated skirts make me go weak in the knees and this one is no exception.

The material of this one is so soft I caught myself petting it all day. I'm weirdly obsessed with how the pleats collapse when I press on them and then spring back to their original shape when I let go.

The weekend starts at 5 today for me because my only class tomorrow got canceled! Too bad all my friends are going home because it's Fall Break =( This weekend will be super relaxing spending some quality time with the bf.

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